What if you could communicate instantly with your immediate surroundings? Informing those around you to the weather forecast, the latest breaking news, or even just your current mood?

MeU is an innovative and completely open-source technology with the power to display a striking visual message on your body.

Sure wearable LEDs have been around for a while, but with MeU, you’re finally able to completely customize what you display. The flexible LED panels are controlled using your smartphone, allowing you to change your design as quickly as you send a tweet.


What We Offer

  • HOME-PG-APP-Cycling


    Stay safe with MeU by providing runners and cyclists an easy and hands-free method of communicating with other road users

  • HOME-PG-APP-Urban-Informatics


    Display information quickly when leading a large hike or a group tour

  • HOME-PG-APP-Marketing


    Spread your company’s message and logo in an eye-catching visual presentation

  • HOME-PG-APP-Fashion


    Light up the night with your own decorative design for any occasion